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CRMOne, established in 2016, was a part of MagneticOne projects. Nowadays, the CRMOne services are popular all over the world: USA, Canada, the UK, France, Germany and many other countries. 

Currently, we offer 2 business solutions:

The unified way to interact with 17 CRM platforms!


Simplicity .

Easy and intuitive interface. If you like to use our services, it takes only a few simple steps to complete a process.

Security .

CRMOne excludes any possibility of data loss and treats your information privately. Company’ solutions provide the security logs, and 2-factor authentication. The services have specialists who track all processes to guarantee the full security.  

An automated migration service between the various CRM systems.

Reliability  .

The SaaS removes the interruptions of business processes and guarantees both CRMs uptime. The platforms will work properly during migration.

Personal Approach .

We will take into consideration your requests and recommendations.

  • any CRM platforms
  • any modules
  • any conditions


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