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File2Cart is an online service providing e-store owners a perfect solution for automated data import from external .csv, .xml, .txt file and supplier databases to their shopping carts. With File2Cart, you can import products, customers, orders and other data to over 37 shopping carts.


What do you get out of it?

  • Easy and Fast Data Import
    File2Cart will automatically import your products, customers, orders, etc. to your store in only several hours. No extra efforts on your side!
  • Affordable Service
    Starting from only $49, the cost of your data import depends on the number of items you need to move. Flexible prices is what you won’t find anywhere else!
  • Data Import Estimator
    You don’t have to make any calculations on your own, File2Cart will do the math for you. Data Import Estimator is the tool designed to make your import experience even easier
  • Assisted Import Service
    Yes, that’s true! File2Cart will provide you with the team of tech engineers that will take care of all the aspects of your data import. All you need to do is let them do the job for you.


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